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eboxdetect (eboxdetect-4.29) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Output Files

  1. PPS product (to be used by tasks esplinemap and emldetect) : EPIC eboxdetect source list

Table 2: Columns of the output source table
Column name Unit Description
BOX_ID_SRC   Source index
ID_INST   Instrument (1:EPN, 2: MOS1, 3: MOS2)
ID_BAND   Index of input images per instrument, =0 for summary row
SCTS cts Net source counts corrected for PSF losses
SCTS_ERR cts Statistical error of SCTS
BOX_CTS cts Raw counts in detection box without background subtraction or PSF corrections.
X_IMA image pixel X source position in image pixels
X_IMA_ERR image pixel Statistical error of X_IMA
Y_IMA image pixel Y source position in image pixels
Y_IMA_ERR image pixel Statistical error of Y_IMA
LIKE$^*$   Detection likelihood
BG_MAP cts/pixel Background counts at source position
BG_RAW cts/pixel Mean counts/pixel in background area, without correction for scattered source counts. For map mode identical with BG_MAP.
EXP_MAP seconds Exposure at source position.
FLUX erg/(cm$^2$ sec) Flux calculated from RATE and parameter ecf
FLUX_ERR erg/(cm$^2$ sec) Statistical error of FLUX
RATE cts/sec Count rate (SCTS / EXP_MAP)
RATE_ERR cts/sec Error of RATE
RA deg Right ascension
DEC deg Declination
RADEC_ERR deg Statistical error of RA and DEC (cf. emldetect description)
LII deg Galactic longitude
BII deg Galactic latitude
HRn ($1 \leq$ n $\leq 3$) Hardness ratios 1..3 as defined via parameter hrdef
HRn_ERR ($1 \leq$ n $\leq 3$) Statistical error of the hardness ratio HRn
BOX_SIZE pixel Size of the detection box in image pixels
EEF   Enboxed energy fraction in the detection box. Calculated from the medium accuracy CAL PSF. Set to 1.0 for rebinned images.
DIST_NN arcsec Distance to nearest neighbour.

$^*$ Note that column LIKE was named SIGMA in eboxdetect versions up to 4.8. The content of LIKE is identical to that of SIGMA in these older versions.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2023-04-16