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eimageget (eimageget-0.8.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Event selection from input files

The essential input files are the event file of the observation and, in case of EPIC-pn, an OOT event file (e.g. created with the epproc or epchain tasks), as well as a detector background event file, available at: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/xmm-newton/filter-closed
These are created from observations with closed filter wheel.

In most cases, images will be created from filtered event lists.

The filtering can be done beforehand and the filtered event files can be used as input for eimageget. Note that in this case, filtering should be applied homogeneously to all input event files. E.g., if events around the EPIC-pn Ni/Cu line complex (7.2$-$9.2 keV) will be removed, these events should be filtered from the FWC and OOT file as well. Also note, that events outside of the field of view (i.e. the detector corners) must be present for the scaling of the FWC images, which is e.g. not the case when selecting the XMMEA_EM flag or FLAG==0 events.

Alternatively, eimageget parameters can be used for commonly used selections:

Table 1: Default pattern selections
Parameter Camera
  MOS PN ($>$0.5 keV) PN ($<$0.5 keV)
PATTERN 0–12 0–4 0

Table 2: Default flag selections
Parameter Camera
FLAG (FoV) (FLAG & 0x766ba000) == 0 FLAG == 0
FLAG (corner) (FLAG & 0x766aa000) == 0 (FLAG & 0xcfa0000) == 0)

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