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emproc (epicproc-2.25.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
selectinstrumentsnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Select one of the cameras?
emos1nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process EMOS1 data
emos2nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process EMOS2 data
removetemporariesnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Remove temporary data sets?
removeintermediategtisnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Remove intermediate GTI data sets?
removeintermediateeventlistsnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Remove the intermediate CCD/node-based event lists?
withinstexpidsnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Select exposures to process?
instexpidsnoS'M1S001 M2S001' 
List of exposures to process.
selectccdsnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Select the CCDs to process? false = process all CCDs.
ccd1nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 1?
ccd2nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 2?
ccd3nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 3?
ccd4nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 4?
ccd5nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 5?
ccd6nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 6?
ccd7nobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process data for CCD 7?
selectmodesnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Select the modes to process? false = process all modes.
imagingnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Process imaging mode exposure?
rimagingnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Process reduced imaging mode exposure?
timingnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Process timing mode exposures?
ctimingnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Process compressed timing mode exposures?
withgtisetnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Use an external GTI dataset to be used when filtering the data?
Name of the external GTI dataset to be used when filtering the data.
runhkgtigennobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Generate a GTI dataset based on housekeeping?
runatthkgennobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Pre-process attitude data through atthkgen?
Coordinates of the reference poiting used for the calculation of the sky coordinates
ranou0.0$\ge$ 0.0 – $\le$ 360.0
User-specified right ascension of s/c attitude (deg)
decnou0.0$\ge$ -90.0 – $\le$ 90.0
User-specified declination of s/c attitude (deg)
posanglenou0.0$\ge$ -180.0 – $\le$ 180.0
User-specified astronomical position angle of s/c attitude (deg)
filtereventsnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Filter the event lists?
flagfilteredeventsnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Flag the events that match the filter expression instead of removing them?
rungtimergenobnoyes $\vert$ no
Merge GTIs from each CCD
applygtinobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Apply GTI filter to the event lists?
runevlistcombnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Merge CCD-level event lists into exposure-level event lists (by mode)?
searchforbadpixelsnobyesyes $\vert$ no
Search for bad pixels?
Algorithm for bad pixels
searchforbadcolumnsnobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Look for bad columns?
withbadpixgtinobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Search for bad pixels only in the given good time intervals?
Good time intervals to use while searching for bad pixels.
Thresholds choice - as percentage of PEAK, as count RATE or pure COUNTS [!badpixfind]
lothreshnor0.0$\ge$ 0.0
Low threshold to search for dead pixels [badpixfind]
hithreshnor0.005$\ge$ 0.0
High threshold to search for hot pixels [!badpixfind]
Columnsearch thresholds choice - refer to TOTAL column value or MEDIAN column value [badpixfind]
locolthreshnor0.0$\ge$ 0.0
Low threshold to search for dead columns [badpixfind]
hicolthreshnor0.002$\ge$ 0.0
High threshold to search for hot columns [badpixfind]
flickertimestepsnoi1$\ge$ 1
Number of timesteps to search for flickering pixels [badpixfind]
flickerksthreshnor0.55$\ge$ 0 – $\le$ 1
K-S threshold for low count flickering pixels [badpixfind]
flickerchisqthreshnor15.0$\ge$ 0
Reduced Chi-sq threshold for high count flickering pixels [badpixfind]
Background rate (ct/s/pix) - if negative, mean over entire field assumed [!badpixfind]
narrowerthanpsfnor3$\ge$ 0.0
PSF-pixel(s) comparison - 1:equal to PSF, >1:more compact [!badpixfind]
threshabovebackgroundnobnoyes $\vert$ no
High thresholds as values above background [badpixfind]
loenergythreshnor $\ge$ 0 – $\le$ 30.0
Low energy threshold for searching (keV) [badpixfind]
hienergythreshnor30.0$\ge$ 0 – $\le$ 30.0
Hi energy threshold for searching (keV) [badpixfind]
useccfdarkframenobnoyes $\vert$ no
Use dark frame in CCF [emenergy]
randomizeenergynobyesyes $\vert$ no
Randomize PHA within one ADU bin [emenergy]
keepsifluornobnoyes $\vert$ no
Keep as one event diagonals with Si fluorescence [emevents]
randomizepositionnobyesyes $\vert$ no
Randomize DETX/DETY within one pixel [emevents]
rejectrowsnobyesyes $\vert$ no
Throw away rows/frames with too many events [emevents]
maxeventsperrownoi4$\ge$ 1
Maximum number of events per row/frame [emevents]
randomizetimenobtrueyes $\vert$ no
Randomize TIME within one frame [!emevents]
withsrccoordsnobnoyes $\vert$ no
Provide source coordinates (Timing only) [emframes]
Source right ascension (J2000) [emframes]
Source declination (J2000) [emframes]
withparametersnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Specify explicit list of HK parameters? [hkgtigen]
List of HK parameters to consider [hkgtigen]
exceptnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Consider all parameters except those specified [hkgtigen]
withoverrideparametersnobfalseyes $\vert$ no
Specify list of additional parameters? [hkgtigen]
List of override/additional parameters [hkgtigen]
findlowenernobyesyes $\vert$ no
Additional run of embadpixfind below 500 eV.
Set up the configuration to analyze SciSim data with emproc
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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