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epchain (epchain-8.82.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Output Files

In the case of usenanonicalnames=N the output files have fixed names or can be given via parameter settings. If usenanonicalnames=Y then the task creates the file names automatically according to the ODF, where oooooooooo denotes the 10-digit observation identifier and PNxnnn is the exposure identifier with x being the schedule flag (S or U) and nnn the 3-digit exposure number.

  1. merged and calibrated event list file (one per exposure, EVENTS), as defined in the Data Products ICD ([1])[*] with CCD specific bad pixel (BADPIXnn), exposure (EXPOSUnn), GTI extensions (STDGTInn), as well as OFFSETS with all columns with a non-zero offset and CALINDEX with all relevant CCF entries (EPN, XRT3, XMM).
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: depending on the setting of withoutoftime and withctisrcpos:
    NN: PooooooooooPNxnnnPIEVLI0000.FIT (imaging modes, i.e. FF, eFF, LW, SW) or PooooooooooPNxnnnTIEVLI0000.FIT (fast modes, i.e. TI, BU)
    YN: PooooooooooPNxnnnOOEVLI0000.FIT
    NY: PooooooooooPNxnnnPSEVLI0000.FIT
    YY: PooooooooooPNxnnnOSEVLI0000.FIT (note that this setting is possible but not very meaningful ;-)

  2. atthk.dat: output file from atthkgen containing the entire attitude information (ATTHK).
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: PooooooooooOBX000ATTTSR0000.FIT
  3. gti##.dat (with ## replaced by CCD number): CCD specific GTI files (STDGTInn)
  4. mask_##.fits: CCD specific (source-free) background masks with ## replaced by CCD number (created by badpixfind if runbackground set to “true").
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: PooooooooooPNxnnnBPFMSK00##.FIT
  5. bpxf_##.fits: CCD specific bad pixel list with ## replaced by CCD number (created by badpixfind if runbadpixfind set to “true").
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: PooooooooooPNxnnnBPXFLI00##.FIT
  6. eventmap##.dat (with ## replaced by CCD number): CCD event intensity maps (if witheventmap=Y), for details see epframes
  7. photonmap##.dat (with ## replaced by CCD number): CCD photon intensity maps (if withphotonmap=Y), for details see epevents
  8. flag0_map_##.dat (with ## replaced by CCD number): CCD maps with regions FLAG=0 set to 1 (if withpatplot=Y), for details see epatplot.
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: PooooooooooPNxnnnFLGMSK00##.FIT
  9. value of parameter rateset: background lightcurve using source masks with columns COUNTS and RATE where the latter is scaled by timebinsize and the sum of all non-masked pixels, in units of cts/ks/arcmin$^2$. There is also a GTI file created with name bkg_GTI.fits.
    If usenanonicalnames=Y: PooooooooooPNxnnnFBKTSR0000.FIT for the lightcurve and PooooooooooPNxnnnFBKGTI0000.FIT for the GTI file.

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