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especget (especget-1.54) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
Whether to specify the output file names using the filestem parameter.
Stem for the output filenames. A value "myfiles" will produce the files, myfiles_src.ds, myfiles_bgd.ds, myfiles_src.arf, myfiles_src.rmf
Name of the output source spectrum. This is only used if withfilestem is false in which case it becomes mandatory.
Name of the output background spectrum. Only used if withfilestem is false in which case it becomes mandatory.
Name of the output effective area file (ARF). This is only used if withfilestem is false and witharfset is true.
Name of the output redistribution matrix (RMF). This is only used if withfilestem is false and withrmfset is false.
Expression for extracting the source events.
Expression for extracting the background events.
tableyestable specifier event list table specifier
A table specifier which must point to an event list table in a data set. It must be in either of the forms setname or setname:tableid where setname must be the name of an existing data set and tableid the name of a table in the specified data set. If the first form, setname, is used, the event data are sought in the first block of the named data set.
Whether to use bad pixels and chip gaps in the ARF calculation.
Whether to use the ODF attitude file to construct position info when calculating the ARF.
If set true then arfgen is run with parameters which are relevant to an extended source.
The number of x bins in the detector map.
The number of y bins in the detector map.
If true, the source position must be specified via the parameters sourcecoords, sourcex, sourcey. Otherwise, the source position is taken from the centre of the source region defined in the data subspace of the input spectrum.
sourcecoordsnochoiceeqposeqpos pos tel det
Used if withsourcepos $=$ true. The coordinate system for which the source position, specified by the parameter sourcex and sourcey, is defined. If sourcecoords is set to eqpos, then sourcex, sourcey correspond to RA and DEC respectively in decimal degrees. If sourcecoords $=$ pos, then sourcex, sourcey correspond to POS coordinates. (Note that the POS coordinates are defined relative to a norminal pointing position; this is taken from the global attributes REFXCRVL and REFYCRVL of the spectrum dataset.) If sourcecoords $=$ tel, then sourcex, sourcey correspond to the telescope coordinates theta (arcseconds) and phi (radians). If sourcecoords $=$ det, then sourcex, sourcey are the x and y positions of the source centre, in DET coordinates.
sourcexnoreal none
(Used if withsourcepos $=$ true) The x-position of source centre, in terms of the coordinate system specified in sourcecoords.
sourceynoreal none
(Used if withsourcepos $=$ true) The y-position of source centre, in terms of the coordinate system specified in sourcecoords.
If set false an ARF will not be produced by the task and the geometrical area of the source and background regions will not be calculated and written into the BACKSCAL keyword.
If set false an RMF is produced by running rmfgen. If true the RMF is taken from the file specified in the parameter rmfset.
The name of the RMF to be used when rmfgen is not to be run. If this parameter is not set and withrmfset is true then the task sets the name of the RMF to be that of the appropriate canned matrix.
If true use energy grid specified by energymin, energymax, and nenergybins, otherwise, use the grid defined in the CAL.
energyminnoreal none
Used if withenergybins $=$ true. Lower energy bound of matrix, in keV.
Used if withenergybins $=$ true. Upper energy bound of matrix, in keV.
Used if withenergybins $=$ true. The number of bins in the energy grid $=$ number of rows in RMF matrix.
If true all created spectra and matrices are removed if the calculated ARF is 0 or negative. Set false to keep these files.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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