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especget (especget-1.54) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]


Set output filenames: srcspec, bckspec, arfset, rmf_set
             depending on values of <withfilestem> and related params.

Create a source spectrum 
   expression = <srcexp> + PATTERN + FLAG selections
   evselect table=<table> expression=<expression> 
            withspectrumset=yes spectrumset=srcspec

Create a background spectrum

   expression = <backexp> + PATTERN + FLAG selections
   evselect table=<table> expression=<expression>......
            withspectrumset=yes spectrumset=bckspec

Create an ARF for the source spectrum, if requested, and calculate 
the source box area

   if <witharfset> {

     arfgen spectrumset=<srcspec> arfset=<arfset> withrmfset=<withrmfset>
          rmfset=<rmfset> extendedsource=<extendedsource> 
          withbadpixcorr=<withbadpixcorr> badpixlocation=<table> 
          setbackscale=yes keeparfset=<witharfset> useodfatt=<useodfatt>

Use arfgen to calculate the background box area

     arfgen spectrumset=<backspec> arfset=temparf.arf setbackscale=yes 
          keeparfset=no withbadpixcorr=<withbadpixcorr> 
          badpixlocation=<table> useodfatt=<useodfatt>


Create an RMF if not supplied
   if (! <withrmfset>) {
      rmfgen spectrumset=<srcspec> rmfset=rmf_set 
   else if (<rmfset> has not been set) {
      rmfset = name of relevant canned matrix

Set the values of BACKFILE, RESPFILE and ANCRFILE in header of srcspec.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2023-04-16