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RMF options

The steps to create the spectra, calculate the box areas and create the ARF are quick but the creation of an RMF may take more than half an hour to complete. To shorten the execution time a canned matrix may be downloaded from the SOC web-site (http://xmm.vilspa.esa.es/external/xmm_sw_cal/calib/index.shtm) and used in the processing by specifying parameters of the form:

withrmfset=yes rmfset=m1_r6_all_15.rmf

Advice on canned matrices is available from the SOC web-site or the document XMM-SOC-PS-TN-0043

If withrmfset=yes and rmfset is not set then the task will identify the name of the canned matrix which best suits the created source spectrum and write this name into the RESPFILE keyword in the header of the source spectrum (see 5.3).

If withrmfset=no then rmfgen is executed to produce a specific RMF for the source. The extendedsource option tells rmfgen to produce a response function which is correct for an extended source, i.e. one which has been averaged over the spatial extraction region assuming a flat source flux distribution.

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