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lcplot (lcplot-1.22.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents warnings and errors generated by this task (if any). Note that warnings and errors can also be generated in the SAS infrastructure libraries, in which case they would not be documented here. Refer to the index of all errors and warnings available in the HTML version of the SAS documentation.

Incorrect RATE extensionerror 
 Incorrect RATE extensions (see Developer's notes for more details)
Keyword TIMEDEL missingerror 
 The keyword TIMEDEL is missing
Existing output file cannot be overwrittenerror 
 The output file exists, and cannot be overwitten because the SAS_CLOBBER variable is set to 0
Unavailable default device type and/or output fileerror 
 Unavailable default device type and/or output file
Invalid input fileerror 
 Invalid input column dimensions (the four columns RATE, ERROR, BACKV, BACKE contained in the FITS file must be arrays of dimension Nlightcurve $\times$ Nbins)
 The tests available are 'both', 'chi' or 'ks'
Unavailable device type and/or output filewarning 
corrective action: The device type and output file are set to the defaults.
Number of data points to plot is higher than 500warning 
corrective action: Increase binsize value until the number of points to plot is lower than 500 [1]
Too small number of binswarning 
 Number of valid bins is lower than 2. Cannot perform tests
corrective action: No variability tests are delivered
Mandatory keywords are missing from the input filewarning 
 Some mandatory header keywords are missing or inconsistent
corrective action: A warning is raised and the task tries to proceed
No valid data pointswarning 
 All the input values are NaN
corrective action: A warning is raised, the NaN values are set to 0.0 and the task continues

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