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rgsfluxer (rgsfluxer-1.10) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Output Files

The output file is a table with three or four columns. The first three are bin center, flux, and error. The bin centers are given in units of Åor keV depending on the mode: wavelength or energy respectively. Similarly the flux and error are given in $(s\;cm^2 \AA)^{-1}$ or $(s\;cm^2 keV)^{-1}$. The fourth column, the quality flag, is omitted if the quality parameter specifies uniform quality for all bins. The structure of the file depends upon the selected output format:

A FITS-compliant DAL dataset with the table placed in an extension named “FLUXED”. The four columns are:

CHANNEL real32 bin center
FLUX real32 observed flux
ERROR real32 statistical uncertainty
QUALITY int16 quality flag

A plain-text file, beginning with two comment lines indicated by “!” as the first character. The first line lists the names of the columns and the second line describes their units. The table follows; its columns are space-delimited. The name of the first column is either “wavelength” or “energy”. The remaining columns are “flux”, “error”, and “quality”, in that order.

A plain-text file, beginning with the qdp directive, “READ SERR 2”. The rest of the file is structured in the same way as format=ascii, except that NaN values are written as “no” by default.

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