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rgssources (rgssources-6.3) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

EPIC source list.

A source list compiled by either emldetect or eboxdetect can be added to the RGS source list. This is accomplished by setting withepicset=yes and giving the name of the file via epicset.

These EPIC source lists include positions and count rates for each source within several different energy bands. However the RGS cameras only have significant sensitivity in the band 2–3 (500–2000 eV) (in the standard definition at the time of writing in 2006). Therefore only EPIC sources which have ID_BAND=2 or =3 should be copied to the RGS list — this is the default behaviour, although users can specify their favourite bands via bandids. Note that older-format lists may contain just band 2 sources, or band 1 sources (if even older), or epic sources from all bands.

More than one EPIC source list can be added to the RGS list by running rgssources several times in `modify' mode on the same RGS set but with different EPIC sets as input.

The values of the LABEL column of the RGS source list must be unique. For EPIC sources this is partially achieved by including the value of the EPIC source list column ML_ID_SRC or BOX_ID_SRC in the label for that source. These column values are unique within the EPIC source list itself. However this number becomes non-unique when several EPIC lists are included in the one RGS file. To retain uniqueness of the LABEL value, another parameter is provided: epiclabelprefix. The LABEL value is constructed from the string supplied via this parameter (default value is `EPIC'), followed by the digits of the ML_ID_SRC or BOX_ID_SRC value. Note that all LABEL values are converted to upper case.

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