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specgroup (specgroup-1.7.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
The name of the input spectrum in counts v channel space.
Whether to overwrite the input spectrum with grouping information or to produce a new file (default)
The name of the grouped output spectrum
The name of the background spectrum
The minimum number of counts (source+background) to use when grouping
The minimum signal to noise ratio to use when grouping
The minimum ratio of source to background to use when grouping
The name of a spectrum from which to copy the grouping parameters
The minimum energy resolution for each group, e.g. if oversample=3 then the minimum width of a group is 1/3 of the resolution FWHM at that energy.
Ranges to group over. They should be entered as integer numbers, if defined in channels, or as decimals if defined in keV (in which case the units parameter should be set accordingly. The beginning and end of a range may be seperated by either a colon or a dash. Multiple ranges should be seperated by a comma. e.g. "2-20,63-97" or "0.2-0.5" or "0.4:3.6" etc.
unitsnochoiceCHANCHAN KEV
The units used for ranges - can be channel number of keV.
First channel to use if grouping done by regular bins
Last channel to use if grouping done by regular bins
Number of channels to combine in each group if grouping done by regular bins
The name of a redistribution matrix used to define the energy of the spectral channels.
Whether to group from low to high (false) or high to low (true) energies.
Whether to set the ANCRFILE, RESPFILE, BACKFILE keywords in the spectrum header.
The name of an effective area (ARF) file. This is purely used as a string to write into the ANCRFILE keyword. The file is not opened.
lastbinnochoiceaddtogroupaddtogroup setbad owngroup
What to do about ungrouped channels, typically the channels at the end of the spectrum which don't meet the statistical criterion.
setbadnostringCCFCCF no ranges_of_values
Whether to set some channels BAD and exclude them from grouping. Options are: "CCF" - to read the BAD channels from a calibration file, "no" - meaning 'take no action' or a range such as "0-10,750-799" may be entered to explicitely specify which channels to set BAD. The range may be defined in channels or keV, consistent with the setting of the units parameter.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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