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srcdisplay (srcdisplay-1.20) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
Name of dataset containing source list, output from eboxdetect.
If set to true a new image data set is given in parameter imagset.
The image on which the positions of detected sources are displayed. For withimageset=false no new image data set shall be displayed but the sources in boxlistset will be marked on the image in the currently active Ds9 session.
sourceradiusnofloat0.010.0001 $\leq$ sourceradius $\leq$ 2
The radius of the displayed circles for each source, in degrees.
If true, then the circle radius is taken as the error on the position in the sourcelist.
The name of a column in the source list which gives the position error in arcseconds. The column must be of type REAL*32.
A systematic error to be aded in quadrature to the positional error when useposerr=true is set.
If true, then the DS9 region descriptor generated for each source is such that it INCLUDES the area bounded by the circle; otherwise it includes everything BUT this area.
If true, a number is displayed alongside the source position, corresponding to the row number of that source in the input source list.
If true, then a file of name regionfile is written out, containing a list of DS9-type regions for each source, corresponding to the displayed circles.
The name of the region file.
If set to false any previously existing source region markers on the active image will be deleted before the new ones are displayed. overlay=true suppresses this so any existing source markers will be left unmodified. This is useful for e.g., comparing the results of two independent source detection runs on the same image.
srccolornostringwhiteblack $\vert$white $\vert$red $\vert$green $\vert$blue $\vert$cyan $\vert$magenta $\vert$yellow
The color of the source markers - useful in conjunction with the overlay parameter to control the display of two or more source lists on the same image.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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