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xmmselect (xmmselect-2.67) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


For general information about the preference formalism, please consult the documentation of package preferences. The following preferences are recognized by the task:
default value = false
type = bool
This determines the default values of the evselect parameters when the generation of a product is requested. For quicklook=true those will be set to false which, unless altered by the user in the parameter dialog, will result in evselect generating the requested product in the most run-time efficient way. Setting any of the above parameters to true triggers additional calculations which can represent a significant run-time overhead. With quicklook=true also by default the task backscale will not be invoked on any extracted spectrum. This is changeable after startup via the Products menu entry.

If the product is not to be used by downstream analysis packages it is acceptable to skip those calculations. Please consult the corresponding evselect parameter descriptions for more details on the nature and the necessity of the involved computations.

default value = true
type = bool
When the task backscale is to be invoked automatically after each extraction of a spectrum (see 3.3.1 for details) withbackscalediag=true will bring up the parameter dialog of this task prior to running it. This gives the user the option to alter its parameter values.

default value = none
type = group
This preference groups a list of frequently used selection expressions that will be available in every xmmselect session. The set of expressions does not have to be flat but can be hierarchically structured, i.e., the PrefSelections group can contain other preference groups, etc. The following is an example of a possible contents of the PrefSelection group:
"PrefSelections" {
    "MOS selection" {
        "badpix"    "FLAG & 0x111234 == 0"
        "source"    "(RAWX, RAWY) in circle(300,300,30)"
    "PN selection" {
        "badpix"    "FLAG & 0x111233 == 0"
        "source"    "(X, Y) in circle(20000,20000,1000)"
        "Crab" {
            dum     "(CCDID==4&&(RAWX, RAWY) in circle(32,10,10)"
    "energy"    "PHA in [100:200]"

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