XMM-Newton Users Handbook

2.6 How to obtain further help and information

The Users Handbook is an integral part of the SOC's web-based online information system and it contains lots of links to other components of the web server. All links can also always be reached via the SOC home page.

Additionally, in order to facilitate the search for more information, § 7 of this document contains a compilation of relevant links and references.

Continuously updated information on the calibration status of the XMM-Newton scientific payload can be found in the XMM-Newton Calibration Portal. The Calibration status of EPIC, RGS, and OM can be found in the respective technical notes XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0018, XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0030, and XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0019.

The main point of contact for users who need help or additional information, or who want to send suggestions that may improve our system, is the XMM-Newton HelpDesk. All questions related to the current Announcement of Opportunity and observing matters, should also be sent to us using this interface. An archive of all questions with their solutions can be consulted before raising a new ticket. To avoid that the communication is visible to the public, the originator of a help ticket may select the Private flag, which may be of interest if requests contain, e.g., personal or confidential information.

The XMM-Newton HelpDesk interface can be accessed via:

European Space Agency - XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre