XMM-Newton Users Handbook

6.6 The XMM-Newton OM Source Catalogue

The OM team, under the auspices of the SSC, produces a catalogue of sources detected by the Optical Monitor. The OM catalogue derives from a reprocessing of publicly available OM data using a dedicated pipeline, which includes some additional data that is excluded from the routine XMM data-processing pipeline.

The 5th version of the XMM-Newton OM Serendipitous Ultraviolet Source Survey Catalogue (XMM-SUSS5) was released in December 2020. It includes public data up to February 2020.

The catalogue embraces 10 628 XMM-Newton observations and contains 8 863 922 detections of 5 965 434 sources, of which 1 120 754 have been observed more than once, thus allowing variability studies.

The XMM-SUSS5 catalogue can be accessed through the XSA search interface. Further, either the complete catalogue or a reduced version of it (the SLIM version) can be downloaded from the XSA.

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