XMM-Newton Users Handbook

6.1.3 XMM-Newton data: the Processing Pipeline Subsystem (pipeline) products (PPS)

The SAS reduction pipelines are run on all the XMM-Newton ODF (see Appendix A). Each dataset is screened to verify its scientific quality and identify potential processing problems. The pipeline (PPS) output includes a wide range of top level scientific products, such as X-ray cameras event lists, source lists, multi-band images, background-subtracted spectra and light curves for sufficiently bright individual sources, as well as the results of a cross-correlation with a wide sample of source catalogues and with the matching ROSAT field.

The PPS products are made available to the PI of an XMM-Newton proposal shortly after the ODF files of her/his observation.

The user is referred to Data Products Interface Control Document and Data Products Specification Document for a detailed description of the PPS products content and format.

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