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atthkgen (atthkgen-1.22.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Output Files

  1. FITS file with a single bintable extension (ATTHK), containing the entire attitude information for the complete observation. The file will contain, along with the time (TIME), the AHF and OM attitude information (i.e. RA, Dec, position angle - AHFRA, AHFDEC, AHFPA, OMRA, OMDEC, OMPA), with NULL (`INDEF') values in all three fields indicating bad attitude quality. If the attitude quality is good, then the absolute pointing differences between the instantaneous AHF and the median AHF star-tracker pointing (DAHFPNT), between the instantaneous OM and the median OM THF pointing (DOMPNT), and between the AHF and OM pointings (DAHFOM) are also given (NULL (`INDEF') values will be given in the bad quality cases). All columns are of type real64, and all, except TIME (in sec) are given in units of degrees. Attributes in the primary header give the mean and median values of the nine tabulated attitude columns. They are named as the columns prefixed by an `A' for average (i.e. mean) and an `M' for median. Keywords written to file: TELESCOP DETNAM FILTER OBS_ID OBS_MODE ORIGIN DATE-OBS DATE-END RA_OBJ DEC_OBJ RA_NOM DEC_NOM AAHFRA AAHFDEC AAHFPA AOMRA AOMDEC AOMPA ADAHFPNT ADOMPNT ADAHFOM MAHFRA MAHFDEC MAHFPA MOMRA MOMDEC MOMPA MDAHFPNT MDOMPNT MDAHFOM NATT NGAHF NGOM NGAHFOM

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