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badpix (badpix-2.33) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


   subroutine badpix

     * get input events, if required, make a copy of this file
     * get instrument, datamode, ccdid and node from events file
     * get badpix modes (1,2,3)? 
     * enter CCF, and get bad pixel list (from CCF) 
     * if mode3 (getnewbadpix), find size of mode3 file (output from 
       badpixfind), and check if compatible with events file
     * check and purge mode3 file for double entries
     * get total size of badpix table, combining modes 1,2 and 3
     * check if badpix extension already exists, and if not, allocate columns
       for badpix information
     * fill columns with relevant mode1/mode2 (i.e.\ getuplnkbadpix/
                                                    getotherbadpix) information
     * as above, for mode 3 pixels (if required)
     * check mode 3 pixels against information in CCF
     * purge mode 3 entries for doubles in CCF
     * check each pixel for common (though not identical) entries 
     * if filterwindow mode, filter bad pixels for entries within X/Y window
     * add extension to input events file, fill in badpix information
     * add attributes (instrument, ccdid etc) and history information

   end subroutine badpix

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30