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File Naming Convention

The constituents of the current calibration file are named as follows:



scope indicates the scope of the calibration file (at most 5 characters long). The list of scope identifiers is given in table 1.

calname is the calibration data type identifier (at most 17 characters long).

issue is the file issue number (integer $\ge 0$ and $\le 9999$, zero padded).

File names are not case sensitive. In this document they are type set with uppper and lower case letters for readability.

Table 1: Allowed scope identifiers
xmm general files or files shared by more than one instrument
om Optical Monitor files
xrt1, xrt2, xrt3 X-ray Telescope files
emos1, emos2 European Photon Imaging Camera MOS files
epn European Photon Imaging Camera PN files
rgs1, rgs2 Reflection Grating Spectrometer files
erm EPIC Radiation Monitor files

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-03-17