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ebkgreg (ebkgreg-0.8) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


In case of a single-source input the results are thrown to a stdout string.

The strings shown may be searched for in a script and every effort will be made to keep them constant between versions of this task.

Background extraction region: CIRCLE

ebkgreg withsrclist=no withcoords=yes imageset=pnimagexy.ds x=26025 y=26411 r=12 coordtype=POS
# Instrument: EPN
# Source position RA, Dec  (deg.)  : 79.148, 46.0275
# Source extraction radius (arcsec): 12
	Best background extraction region estimate:
	  Extraction region shape    : CIRCLE
	  RA, Dec (deg.)             : 79.193, 46.0159
	  Extraction radius (arcsec) : 97.8999

	  X,Y Sky Coord.                     : 23770.6, 25575
	  Extraction radius (X,Y Sky Coord.) : 1958


Background extraction region: ANNULUS

ebkgreg withsrclist=no withcoords=yes imageset=pnimagexy.ds x=24730 y=24184 r=40 coordtype=POS
# Instrument: EMOS1
# Source position RA, Dec  (deg.)  : 79.1739, 45.9966
# Source extraction radius (arcsec): 40
	Best background extraction region estimate:
	  Extraction region shape    : ANNULUS
	  RA, Dec (deg.)             : 79.176, 46.0001
	  Inner radius (arcsec)      : 330
	  Outer radius (arcsec)      : 660

	  X,Y Sky Coord.                : 24624, 24437.1
	  Inner radius (X,Y Sky Coord.) : 6600
	  Outer radius (X,Y Sky Coord.) : 13200


In case of multiple-sources from a source list input file the results are included in the input file as extra columns:

Table 6: Background information. Extra columns to the input file
Column Description Units
BKG_DETX Bkg Linearised Camera X-Coordinate 0.05 arcsec
BKG_DETY Bkg Linearised Camera Y-Coordinate 0.05 arcsec
BKG_RA Bkg Right-ascension deg
BKG_DEC Bkg Declination deg
BKG_IMX Bkg Image X pixel
BKG_IMY Bkg Image Y pixel
BKG_X Bkg X 0.05 arcsec
BKG_Y Bkg Y 0.05 arcsec
BKG_RAD1 Bkg extraction region: circle or inner annulus radius 0.05 arcsec
BKG_RAD2 Bkg extraction region: outer annulus radius 0.05 arcsec

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