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ecoordconv (especget-1.54) [xmmsas_20190531_1155-18.0.0]


This task converts a position in an image from one coordinate system into positions in other coordinate systems. For example the routine can be used to convert a celestial sky position (RA, DEC) into detector coordinates (DETX, DETY), chip coordinates (RAWX, RAWY), X/Y pixels, Image pixels and TelCoords (theta, phi). It also gives the numbers of the CCDs which are included within an input region.

Table 1: Output quantities
Value Units Units
Theta Off-axis angle arc seconds
Phi Azimuthal angle Radians
X X sky coord 0.05 arcsec pixel
Y Y sky coord 0.05 arcsec pixel
DETX Detector X coord 0.05 arcsec pixel
DETY Detector Y coord 0.05 arcsec pixel
IM_X Image X coord image pixel
IM_Y Image Y coord image pixel
RA Right ascension degrees
DEC Declination degrees
RAWX X chip coordinate pixel
RAWY Y chip coordinate pixel
CCD(s) CCD number(s) in region -
Central CCD CCD at region centre -

XMM-Newton SOC/SSC -- 2019-06-02