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emtaglenoise (emtaglenoise-1.3) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Known bugs and side effects

Version 1.0 of emtaglenoise included in SAS 9.0.0 contains two run-time bugs that halt the task with errors. The first appears in low-memory mode only (ie, when the environment variable SAS_MEMORY_MODEL is set to `low'), and affects all platforms (linux, OS/X and solaris). It halts the task with either a segmentation fault or the following error:

 ** emtaglenoise: error (FITSIO), FITS error 112 while accessing file '<F4>^Q':
cannot write to readonly file
The second affects Mac OS/X, regardless of memory mode, and solaris in low-memeroy mode only. It halts the task with the following error:
 ** emtaglenoise: error (NoData), The CCF does not contain a ScreenThreshold data
for CCD 1 node 0 [PRIMARY]
Both bugs have been fixed in Version 1.0.1 of emtaglenoise, included in SAS 9.0.1 .

In low-memory mode, this task overwrites the keyword BITPIX in the primary header of the input data set with the value 16, regardless of the original value. This behaviour is propagated from the HiLow-mode implementation of the SAS data access library dal.

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