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epicspeccombine (epicspeccombine-0.6) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]


The input files are combined such that the output files contain:

Mathematically this is given by:

\par$ S = \sum_{i}{S_{i}} $
\par$Exposure = \sum_{i}{exp_{i}} / num...
..._{i} \times exp_{i}} / \sum_{i}{exp_{i}}$
\par$ B = \sum_{i}{B_{i}} $

where i is the instrument, o is the observation, $S_{i}$ are the source counts in each spectrum (i), $R_{i}$ are the response elements for each spectrum (i), $BACKSCAL_{i}$ are the backscale values for each spectrum, $number\_of\_insts$ is the number of independent cameras contained in the source spectra and $exp_{i}$ is the exposure time of each spectrum. $B_{i}$ are the background counts in each background spectrum (i),

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