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eregionanalyse (especget-1.54) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Output format

The output format shown below is independent of the SAS_VERBOSITY setting. The strings shown may be searched for in a script and every effort will be made to keep them constant between versions of this task.

eregionanalyse:-  input region centre: 639 -769
 counts in source region: 380980
 src region cnts per pixel: 633.91
 exposure time: 56988
 xcentroid: 25855
 ycentroid: 24858
 Bckgnd centre X: 22876 Y: 24137.5
 optradius: 64 arcsecs 1280 image units
 optellip: X radius: 70 arcsecs 1400 image units Y radius: 68.5 arcsecs 1370 image units rotangle: -44.7579
 encircled energy correction: 0.920266
 Bckgnd subtracted source cnts: 393892 +/- 686.748
 Bckgnd subtracted source c/r: 6.91184 +/- 0.0120507
 Statistical upper limit c/r: 6.94 c/s

 SASCIRCLE: (X,Y) in CIRCLE(25855.4,24858.6,1280)
 SASELLIPSE: (X,Y) in ELLIPSE(25855.4,24858.6,1400,1370,-44.7579)

The SASCIRCLE and SASELLIPSE strings may be cut and pasted directly into an evselect or xmmselect selection expression.


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