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esas (esas-0.11.4) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This package consists of a collection of XMM-Newton Extended Source Analysis Software (XMM-ESAS) tasks originally developed by Snowden, et al. and released as a stand-alone package in 2008. This package follows the methods outlined in Snowden et al. (2008)[1] for the analysis of extended objects and the diffuse background using XMM-Newton EPIC MOS and pn observations.

Two separate features are incorporated into ESAS; the capability of creating model quiescent particle background spectra (Kuntz & Snowden 2008)[2] for user defined regions of the detectors and the capability of creating background subtracted and exposure corrected images. Also included in the XMM-ESAS package is software to mosaic multiple and not necessarily coaligned observations of regions on the sky.

SAS/ESAS Task Descriptions:

FORTRAN routines:

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