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esky2det (esky2det-1.19) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

FITS file position IO.

If positions are supplied in a FITS table, the task attempts to read sky-position information stored in decimal degrees from columns named RA and DEC in the source list specified by the parameter intab. If witherrorcol=`yes', esky2det looks by preference for data of the same format in RA_ERR and DEC_ERR columns; if neither column is found, esky2det looks for a common value in arcseconds stored in a column named RADEC_ERR. This last is to cater for the format of source lists output by emldetect.

There are two options for the output: either the output positions can be written to columns in the same file, or a new file can be created to contain them. If the former is desired, set withouttab=`no'; if the latter, set withouttab=`yes' and provide the name of the new dataset and table in outtab. The transformed position values are written to the appropriate subset of columns RAWX, RAWY, CCDNR, RAWX_ERR, RAWY_ERR, DETX, DETY and DET_ERR (see section 7 for a detailed description of the output format).

If outunit=`det', null values are written (with a warning message) for sources which are outside the field of view.

If outunit=`raw', a FLAG column is also written. The value of FLAG is set to 0 unless a source does not fall on any CCD, in which case FLAG is set to 1. In these cases the values of RAWX, RAWY and CCDNR represent positions relative to the nearest CCD.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30