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eslewsearch (eslewchain-1.20) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


   for i = 0 to Number_subimages

     Loop over bands: soft, hard, total

       emask expimageset=expmap detmaskset=detmask.fits threshold1=1e-5

       eboxdetect expimageset=expmap boxsize=5 imagesets=image likemin=8 
             nruns=3 pimin=1499 pimax=1501 usemap=no boxlistset=boxlist_l.ds

       esplinemap boxlistset=boxlist_l.ds detmaskset=detmask.fits 
             excesssigma=3 imageset=image mlmin=1 nfitrun=3 
             nsplinenodes=10 scut=0.005 bkgimageset=splinemap.ds

       eboxdetect bkgimagesets=plinemap.ds boxlistset=boxlist_m.ds boxsize=5 
             expimageset=expmap imagesets=image likemin=10 nruns=3
             pimin=1499 pimax=1501 detmasksets=detmask.fits obsmode='slew'

       emldetect bkgimagesets=splinemap.ds boxlistset=boxlist_m.ds 
             dmlextmin=2 ecut=36 expimageset=expmap imagesets=image 
             fitextent=yes mlmin=8 pimin=1499 pimax=1501 scut=0.9 
             psfmodel='slew' mllistset=mlist
    End of Loop over bands

  End of loop over subimages

  Merge soft band source lists together
  Merge hard band source lists together
  Merge total  band source lists together

  Create single source list from the individual band lists

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30