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espfilt (espfilt-5.0.2) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Output Files

Common files to both methods have the same names.

Note well: In instances where there are similar filenames, but where one has a 'c', that indicates the file is cleaned, e.g., mos1S001-fovev.fits is an event list before being cleaned by espfilt and the resulting cleaned event list from it will be mos1S001-fovevc.fits.

  1. Filtered event list for the entire detector x-allevc.fits
  2. Filtered image file for the entire detector (no other selection) x-allimc.fits
  3. Lightcurve file for the FOV x-fovlc.fits
  4. UNfiltered event list for the corners x-corev.fits (intermediary)
  5. Filtered event list for the corners x-corevc.fits
  6. Filtered image file for the corners (no other selection) x-corimc.fits
  7. Lightcurve file for the corners x-corlc.fits
  8. Post-filtering Good Time Interval (GTI) file x-gti.fits
  9. Unfiltered FOV annulus event file x-annev.fits (ratio method only)
  10. Unfiltered FOV annulus spectrum x-ann.pi (ratio method only)
  11. QDP text file of histograms and lightcurves x-hist.qdp

“x” has the form {inst}{expid}, such as mos1S001.

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