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etimeget (especget-1.54) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


etimeget is a metatask which runs evselect to extract time series from an XMM-EPIC observation.

The essential input parameters are the name of the XMM events table and a selection expression for the source and optionally background areas, e.g. srcexp="((DETX,DETY) IN circle(572,-635,1340))"
backexp="((DETX,DETY) IN circle(2572,-1635,1340))". The minimum selection required in the source and background expressions is the spatial region, which may be specified in sky (X/Y) or detector coordinates. Other selections are defaulted as shown in Table 1. These defaults may be further restricted by including additional selections in the input expressions, e.g. srcexp="((DETX,DETY) IN circle(572,-635,1340))&& PATTERN==0". NB: The source and background expressions should use the same pattern and flag selections. The expressions must be compliant with the selectlib standard.

Table 1: Default event selections
Parameter Camera
PATTERN 0–12 0–4
$^{a}$ The selection #XMMEA_EM represents a conglomerate of flags; see evatt.

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