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implot (implot-2.20.1) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Quick start.

What you need to get started:

That's it. However if you want to plot source marker overlays on the output image, the total list of what you will need is

The final requirement is only if you have set radiusstyle=`psf'. Then you will need in total

The requirement for the CCF is because in this case the task needs to get information on the Point Spread Function (PSF) from the CCF.

The simplest possible call to implot is as follows:

        implot set=<image_name>

Entry-level for plotting sources is:

        implot set=<image_name> srclisttab=<source_list_name>

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2023-04-16