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makethumbs (makethumbs-0.8) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
Input image FITS file.
Whether to use the source list in the observation.
Mandatory if withsrclist is true. Source list (e.g., P0123456789EPX000OBSMLI0000.FIT:SRCLIST) in the observation.
Whether to give the coordinates in the command-line arguments. This parameter is read if withsrclist is false. Note that if cattab is also false, this has to be true.
ranoreal -360 $<=$ ra $<=$ 360
Right Ascension of the source position (aka the output GIF image centre).
decnoreal -90 $<=$ dec $<=$ 90
Declination of the source position (aka the output GIF image centre).
Whether to use the (bigger) external catalogue set, which tabulates the source IAUNAME etc.
Mandatory if withcat is true. Catalogue table name (eg., `cat2xmm.fits:SRCLIST').
Whether to specify SRC_NUM. This is mandatory if withsrclist=no and withcat=yes.
srcnumnoint srcnum $\ge$ 0
ID number (SRC_NUM) of the source in the given source list to process (0 (Default) means all the sources, which is valid only when withsrclist=yes).
Whether to automatically determine the output GIF filenames (true) or use user-specified single filename (false). If no, either withsrclist has to be false or srcidnumber has to be non-zero.
Mandatory if autofname is false. Filename of the output GIF (with suffix mandatory).
Read if autofname is true. Root of the output filenames.
fnamestylenostringsrcnumsrcnum – hexsrcnum – detid – srcid – srcnum_detid – srcnum_srcid – all
Read if autofname is true. Style in naming the output GIF files.
Read if autofname is true. The suffix of the output GIF filename.
fnameseparatornostring“ ___” 
Read if autofname is true. The separators in the output GIF filenames: eg., “ROOT@@_@@-@@A@@” for “ _-A”.
srcindexstylenostringdetidnone – srcnum – hexsrcnum – detid – srcid
Style of the index printed in the GIF.
The separator between the source name and index displayed in the output image. Default is `:' and `/' for srcindexstyle='detid' and 'srcnum', respectively.
Prefix for the IAUNAME in case the catalogue (if given) is missing it.
String expression of OBS_ID.
String expression of the energy band, such as, `0.5-10 keV'.
String expression of the instrument.
Comment appearing at right-hand side in the second row in the output image.
Comment appearing at right-hand side in the first row in the output image.
imagesizenoangle8imagesize $>=$ 0
Size of the output image in unit of arcmin.
lwidthnoint lwidth $>=$ 0
Lwidth of the cross in the image (0 (Default) means automatically calculated).
sizeratiocrossnoreal0.0sizeratiocross $>=$ 0
Ratio of the size of closeness of the cross to the source (0 (Default) means automatically calculated).
fontnumbernoint fontnumber $>=$ 0
Font number in PGPLOT used in output images (Default=0 (not specified)).
colourmapidnoint3colourmapid $>=$ 0
Colour Map ID (Default=3, heat).
Display to STDOUT the source parameters if yes.
Dry-run if true.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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