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RGS Configuration Record

After each exposure record there will be an instrument configuration record. If the exposure record describes an RGS exposure then the instrument configuration record will be an RGS Configuration Record. The record will detail the instrument configuration in terms of the instrument programmable parameter values obtained from the proposal information. This is the information contained within the proposal database which defines the exposure.

RGS Configuration Record

Line Offset Type Description Note
1 0 A17, 63X 'CONFIGURATION RGS' Note 1
2 0 A4 , 76X No of programmable parameters Note 2
3 0 A80 IPP1 name value comment Note 3
... ... ... ...  
q+2 0 A80 IPPq name value comment Note 3

  1. Identifies the record as an RGS Configuration Record.
  2. Identifies the number of lines (number of instrument programmable parameters) to follow
  3. The syntax of these lines should be identical to the syntax of a FITS card image (keyword = value / comment) [3,2]

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-03-17