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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System

odfingest (odfingest-3.32.1) [xmmsas_20210317_1624-19.1.0]


  + scan odfdir for file matching scheduled and unscheduled
    science files: ????_??????????_??S????????.FIT

  + use DATE-OBS DATE-END from these files to deduce observation
    and exposure boundaries.

  + scan odfdir for othr ODF components that must be listed in the
    SAS summary file: ????_??????????_??X????????.FIT

  + open SAS summary file

  + if writepath=yes
       write PATH = odfdir in the SAS summary file

  + write the observation record. Start/End time are the min/max of
    all the DATE-OBS/END.

  + write the file details record. List all the files found during the
    two passes through odfdir.

  + for each instrument

    - write the instrument details record:
      . the instrument is active if one or more exposures were found
      . write the number of exposures identified for this instrument

    - for each exposure of this instrument

      . write the exposure sub-record:
        . the actual exposure start/end are the min/max of all the DATE-OBS/END
          read from the science files in the exposure. The scheduled
          start/end times are made the same as the actual start/end times.
        . write the proposal exposure id.
        . write the commanded exposure id (this is the same as the above).

      . write the instrument configuration sub-record:
        . write the number of IPPVs for this instrument
        . get the IPPVs from the housekeeping files and write the to
          the SAS summary file.

  + identify the ODF summary file and copy its content from the
    proposal record onward into the SAS summary file.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-03-17