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omgchain (omgchain-1.12.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Input Files

Before attempting to use the omgchain, first run the odfingest SAS task. This will create a *SUM.SAS file from *SUM.ASC file that comes with the ODF. It is better to keep this in the same directory as the ODF. With this, and with the other files listed below, which should already be in the ODF, it should be possible to process the OM images with grism spectra files.

  1. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMX00000NPH.FIT - OM Non-periodic Housekeeping file
  2. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMX00000PEH.FIT - OM Periodic Housekeeping file
  3. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000FFX.FIT - PPS OSW Flatfield Image
  4. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000TCS.FIT - Spacecraft time correlation file
  5. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000ATS.FIT - Spacecraft attitude history file

For each exposure to be processed there are the following files:

  1. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMSeeewwIMI.FIT - OM Image file with the grism spectra
  2. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMSeeewwWDX.FIT - OM Priority Window Data Auxiliary file

where rrrr is the 4 digit XMM rev. number, iiiiiiiiii is the 10 digit observation id, eee is the exposure number (e.g. 006 etc.), and ww is the window identifier (00 or 01).

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