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omichain (omichain-1.74.9) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Input Files

Except for the SAS summary file, which is an ascii file, all the others are FITS files.

  1. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000SUM.SAS - SAS summary file- produced by odfingest
  2. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000NPH.FIT - OM Non-periodic Housekeeping file
  3. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000PEH.FIT - OM Periodic Housekeeping file
  4. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000TCS.FIT - Spacecraft time correlation file
  5. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000ATS.FIT - Spacecraft attitude history file
  6. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_SCX00000RFX.FIT - Spacecraft priority reference-frame data.

For each exposure to be processed there are also files:

  1. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMSeeewwTHX.FIT - OM Tracking History Data Auxiliary file
  2. rrrr_iiiiiiiiii_OMSeeewwWDX.FIT - OM Priority Window Data Auxiliary file

where rrrr is the 4 digit XMM rev. number, iiiiiiiiii is the 10 digit observation id, eee is the exposure number (e.g. 006 etc.), and ww is the window identifier (00 or 01).

If THX-file are not present, no tracking corrections can be applied but this is often not critical since XMM's tracking appears to be good to around 1 arc-second. If THX files are absent, a dummy file is created by omprep.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30