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omichain (omichain-1.74.9) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Future developments

Presently, the tabulated source positions suffer from an unknown offset in RA and declination, which could be up to 10 arcsecs or more. The program omatt, which calculates the equatorial coordinates of the sources, can in fact calculate these offsets and correct the positions, but only if it has access to a star catalogue. Unfortunately, at present no catalogue is available and hence no correction can be applied. It is hoped that in the near future a catalogue will be provided with each ODF set, enabling an astrometric correction to be made.

Figure 1: Task sequence of the omichain
\epsfysize =19cm
\epsfig{file=omichain_part1.eps, height=19cm}\end{figure}

Figure 2: Task sequence of the omichain tracking-history pipeline
\epsfysize =19cm
\epsfig{file=omichain_part2.eps, height=19cm}\end{figure}

Figure 3: Task sequence of the omichain imaging pipeline
\epsfysize =19cm
\epsfig{file=omichain_part3.eps, height=19cm}\end{figure}

Figure 4: Task sequence of the omichain mosaiced-imaging pipeline
\epsfysize =20cm
\epsfig{file=omichain_part4.eps, height=20cm}

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