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omvariability (omvariability-1.5) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This program computes variability statistics (chi-squared and the maximum deviation from the median corrected count-rate) and produces light-curves from an input list of OM product source-list (SWS) files. The source-lists can come from more than one observation, and for each set of source-lists in a particular observation omvariability will compute short-term (hours to days depending on how many exposures) variability parameters for sources that have two or more detections in a given OM filter. In the case where the input list of source-lists come from more than observation, omvariability will also compute long-term (years) variability parameters for unique sources that have been detected in two or more observations.

The given output file, which has to be an OM observation source-list file, is then modified by having variability columns added for each filter.

If desired,a plot file of the “variable” sources can be produced.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30