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orbit (orbit-3.0) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

Note: The only param TIME format supported currently is
the “seconds since XMM reference time” mode.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
outfileyesstringnonevalid file name
Output orbit filename in FITS.
Input starttime and endtimes or use default whole file.
starttimenoreal|stringnone$>$0.0 s
Start time for interval in any param “TIME” format.
endtimenoreal|stringnone$>$0.0 s
End time for interval in any param “TIME” format.
timestepnoreal60.0$>$0.0 s
Bin size (in sec) of step through Orbit information.
Write ObsID info to header?
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30