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Changing parameters

The parameter dialog presents you with the parameters that the task will use. Details about available parameter types can be found in the param documentation.

Besides parameters that switch other parameters on or off, the GUI makes a distinction between:

In general, the edit field field is preceded by a label, specifying the name of the parameter. Holding your mouse over an edit field will generate a tool tip, explaining what input the dialog is expecting.

Some parameters can be entered in different formats. If that is the case, a pull-down menu is shown next to the edit field of that parameter.
Other parameters may have a browse button next to the edit field. Clicking on this button will pop-up a browser, in which you can select the value of this parameter by browsing through your file system.

You can give the focus of your keyboard to one of edit fields by clicking your mouse button in an edit field.
Alternatively, you can use the TAB key, or the SHIFT+TAB key-combination to jump forwards and backwards through the edit fields respectively.

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