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srcmatch (srcmatch-3.22.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents warnings and errors generated by this task (if any). Note that warnings and errors can also be generated in the SAS infrastructure libraries, in which case they would not be documented here. Refer to the index of all errors and warnings available in the HTML version of the SAS documentation.

 This error occurs when the data set is empty or cannot be read. Note that this may also be due to a wrongly formatted input set (e.g. no instrumental summary lines).
 The number of input data sets to be merged exceeded the maximum number (currently set to 9).
corrective action: Only the first nine input sets are processed.
 An input set has no data rows.
corrective action: Input file will be ignored.
 Only one valid input source list has been found.
corrective action: Data set will be copied – no source matching.
 Normally one expects at least some of the sources in two input data sets to overlap. If this is not the case this warning message appears.
corrective action: Check the input sets by hand/eye whether it is useful to merge them.

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30