SAS Release Notes - SAS 6.5.patch

	         Release Note for patch to SAS 6.5.0

		   Carlos Gabriel & Eduardo Ojero
	                 XMM-Newton SOC

A small patch to change the way the EMOSn_REDIST CCFs are used, has to be 
issued. In SAS 6.5.0 a spatial and temporal dependency of the redistribution
function derivation has been introduced. This goes together with a set of
calibration files. However, if these calibration files are used together with an
earlier version of the SAS (eg. SAS 6.1) they produce the wrong redistribution
function without giving any warning message. A large number of SAS users
synchronize their calibration repositories to get automatically new released
calibration files, but have not updated to SAS 6.5.0., which causes a problem. 

A patch to the SAS 6.5.0 paradoxically solves this issue, by defining for this
new calibration the mechanism of a different "ALGOID" (increased to a value of
2), which is matched by corresponding calibration files. So, if a user of an
older version of the SAS tries to use the ALGOID=2 files, (s)he will get an
error message, forcing her/him to either upgrade the SAS or delete these new
type calibration files. The corresponding calibration files will be released
shortly after the patch is distributed. They will also produce an error message
if used with SAS 6.5.0, alerting the SAS users on the necessity of a patch.