Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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The routine access the PhottoNat CCF file and reads the parameters in the field PARAM00 and DPARM00 of the PHOTTONAT extension, which characterise the OM CCD. The parameters of the binary field PARAM00 match to the CAL output parameters as follows:

CCF name output name description
PARAM00(1) NHP Number of horizontal pixels
PARAM00(2) NVPS Number of vertical pixels in store
PARAM00(3) VTRANS Vertical transfer time
PARAM00(4) HTRANS Horizontal transfer time
PARAM00(5) NVPI Number of vertical pixels in image
PARAM00(6) V2H Vertical to horizontal switch time
PARAM00(7) H2V Horizontal to vertical switch time
PARAM00(8) OFFSET Redundant CCD y-offset
PARAM00(9) 0. not used
PARAM00(10) 0. not used

DPARAM00(1:10) contain the associated uncertainties of the PARAM00 variables.

Michael Smith 2011-09-20