Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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This function accesses the small scale variation CCF flatfield map (PixToPixSens) and returns an image with the requested size, for the requested detector position and at the maximum detector resolution.

The CCF PixToPixSens file comprises of a 2048x2048 image array. This file is read. The image section specified by the input parameters (x0,y0,xsize,ysize) are extracted and returned.

The algorithm assumes that the PixToPixSens file is at full detector resolution (2048x2048 pixel). A correction algorithm to adjust for different CFRR will initially not be implemented. The CAL directly extracts the pixel to pixel variation map from the image extension PIXTOPIXSENS.

In a later implementation of the CAL routine either a TBD correction algorithm will be implemented to correct for the difference in the CFRR or the image extension with the CFRR keyword value closest to the input parameter countRateFrameRatio is selected.

The optional output variables ffavgPix and ffavgDet(1:2) are set to the values of the keywords PIXERR, AVERAGE and DAVERAGE respectively.

Michael Smith 2011-09-20