Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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The routines reads the aperture radius keywords of the specified filter (set by CAL State Variable FilterId) from the two CCF components PSF1DRB and COLORTRANS.
The aperture radii of the CCF PSF1DRB file are listed in the keywords APERTURE of the PSF extensions of the relevant filters PSF-FilterId (cf. section 4.5.10). The aperture radii used during the zero-point definition and the colour transformation are contained in the keywords APE-FilterId in the binary extension COLORMAG of the CCF component COLORTRANS (cf. section 4.5.4).

The keyword values (APERTURE) and (APE-FilterId) orginating from the PSF-FilterId extension of the PSF1DRB file and the COLORMAG extension of the COLORTRANS file are compared and in case of an agreement the keyword value is returned. In case of disagreement the routine returns an error.
The call is currently not supported for the grisms.

Michael Smith 2011-09-20