Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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CCF Structure


\framebox[15cm]{EBOUNDS Binary Table Columns}
CHANNEL (channel)
E_MIN (eV)
E_MAX (eV)

\framebox[15cm]{CCD\_REDISTRIBUTION Binary Header CCF Keywords}
FANO    = 1.30000000000000E-01 / Fano factor
SI_THICK= 2.50000000000000E-05 / [m] CCD thickness
SCALEFAC= 1.04781000000000E-08 / [m] Model scale factor
E_RMS   = 5.40000000000000E+00 / [e] Readout noise
EH_E    = 3.65000000000000E+00 / [eV] e-h pair creation energy
EVT_SIZE= 1.40000000000000E+00 / [pixel] Average event size (for OCB=1)
E_THR   = 5.00000000000000E+01 / [eV] Energy threshold
PARTNORM= 3.60000000000000E-02 / Const factor in normalization of partial events
PARTDECY= 1.83258150000000E-03 / [1/eV] Const factor in normalization of partial
PARTOFFS= 0.00000000000000E+00 / [eV] Offset of exponential in normalization of pa
PARTEREF= 1.90000000000000E+03 / [eV] Energy of reference absorption length in n

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