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Workshop: "Astrophysics of Hot Plasma in Extended X-ray Sources"
12 - 14 June 2019
Abstracts/Registration now open:
Abstract deadline: 01 March
Early Registration deadline: 30 April

Second Announcement: "Astrophysics of Hot Plasma from Extended X-ray Sources", 30-Jan-2019 New
Anticipated timeline for next XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: AO-19, 10-Jan-2019
Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D. and prizes for XMM-Newton results, 10-Jan-2019
First Announcement: "Astrophysics of Hot Plasma from Extended X-ray Sources", 18-Dec-2018
XMM-Newton AO-18 OTAC Results, 28-Nov-2018
XMM-Newton Users' Group News: New chairperson; call for candidates, 28-Nov-2018
Release of the new version of the XMM-Newton OM Catalogue (XMM-SUSS4), 22-Oct-2018
XSA v10.2 release with access to the XMM-SUSS4 Catalogue, 22-Oct-2018
XMM-Newton AO-18 closure, 08-Oct-2018
AO-18: Letter of Invitation by the ESA Director of Science, 21-Aug-2018
AO-18: Key milestones for this announcement, 21-Aug-2018
AO-18: Time line for Phase II proposal submission, 21-Aug-2018