20th Anniversary
XMM-Newton 20th Anniversary Celebrations

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PM I05116-4501


Science Workshop: Exoplanets and their environments
Registration 20 May
24 - 28 May (online, pm)

New pipeline version released 12-Apr-2021 New
A database of upper limits created and made accessible from the XMM-Newton science archive 12-Apr-2021 New
XSA v13.1 release with access to the upper limits database 12-Apr-2021 New
Version 19.1 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released 22-Mar-2021
SAS Users Guide and Threads updated 22-Mar-2021
"A High-Energy View of Exoplanets and Their Environments" 24-Feb-2021
Call for XMM-Newton results with potential for ESA Press Releases 24-Feb-2021
CLAXSON: A Citizen Science Project for X-ray sources classification 24-Feb-2021
ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme 24-Feb-2021
XMM-Newton Workshop: 2nd Announcement 25-Jan-2021