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Science Workshop: Exoplanets and their environments
24 - 28 May (on-line)

XMM-Newton Workshop: 1st Announcement 16-Dec-2020 New
New versions of the XMM-Newton Serendipitous source catalogues: 4XMM-DR10 and 4XMM-DR10S and...CLAXSON 10-Dec-2020
New version of the XMM-Newton OM catalogue (XMM-OM-SUSS5.0), 10-Dec-2020
XSA v13.0 release with access to 4XMM DR10, 4XMM DR10S and XMM-OM-SUSS5.0 catalogues, 10-Dec-2020
Scientific validation report for SAS v19.0 , 10-Dec-2020
Happy Birthday, XMM-Newton!, 10-Dec-2020
XMM-Newton AO-20 OTAC Results, 04-Dec-2020
Data analysis threads for SAS v19.0, 29-Oct-2020
Version 19.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released, 29-Oct-2020
Data analysis threads for SAS v19.0, 29-Oct-2020