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Announcement of Opportunity (AO-17)
OTAC approved programme:
late December 2017

XMM-Newton AO-17 closure, 09-Oct-2017 New
Update of the Point Spread Function of the XMM-Newton X-ray Telescopes, 09-Oct-2017 New
Statistics of XMM-Newton Publications, 09-Oct-2017 New
Symposium Announcement: "Relativistic Astrophysics", 09-Oct-2017 New
AHEAD High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy School, 09-Oct-2017 New
XMM Newton Science Workshop 2018: "Time-domain Astronomy: A High Energy View", 13-Sep-2017
ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science at ESAC Deadline: 2nd October 2017, 13-Sep-2017
Conditions of use for the XMM-Newton Image Gallery, 13-Sep-2017
AO-17: Letter of Invitation by the ESA Director of Science, 22-Aug-2017
AO-17: Key milestones for this announcement, 22-Aug-2017
AO-17: Time line for Phase II proposal submission, 22-Aug-2017