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Workshop: "Time-Domain Astronomy: a High Energy View"
13 - 15 June 2018
Abstracts/Registration now open:
Abstract deadline: 09 March
Early Registration deadline: 30 April

XSAv9.8.1 release, 20-Feb-2018 New
Conference Announcement: "Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe", 20-Feb-2018 New
Workshop Announcement: "Ultra-luminous X-ray Pulsars", 20-Feb-2018 New
XMM-Newton Workshop: 2nd Announcement, 02-Feb-2018
Anticipated timeline for next XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: AO-18, 09-Jan-2018
Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D., 09-Jan-2018
Workshop announcement: "Treasures hidden in high-energy catalogues", 09-Jan-2018
XMM-Newton Workshop: 1st Announcement, 13-Dec-2017
XMM-Newton AO-17 OTAC Results, 29-Nov-2017
EPIC-pn documentation released, 29-Nov-2017