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11 October 2019 (12:00 UT)

XMM-Newton AO-19 closure, 14-Oct-2019 New
ESA research fellowshipts in space science at ESAC,Reminder: deadline october 1st 2019, 09-Sept-2019
XMM-Newton Lab, Extended Registration deadline September 15th 2019, 09-Sept-2019
New version of the XMM-Newton Upper Limit Server, 09-Sept-2019
Let us know about XMM-Newton related PH.D. and prizes for XMM-Newton results, 09-Sept-2019
Conference Announcemenet Theseus Conference 2020, 09-Sept-2019
AO-19: Letter of Invitation by the ESA Director of Science, 20-Aug-2019
AO-19: Key Milestones for this Announcement, 20-Aug-2019
AO-19: Timeline for Phase II Proposal Submission, 20-Aug-2019