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Refereed Papers

Current Target
NGC 5813

Announcement of Opportunity

OTAC results available
Phase II submission of approved proposals:
10 Jan - 3 Feb 2023

"The X-ray Universe 2023"

13 - 16 June 2023
Athens, Greece
Deadline for Abstract Submission:
24 February 2023

Letter of Intent for Multi-Year Heritage Programmes, 1-Feb-2023 New
The X-Ray Universe 2023: List of Speakers, 1-Feb-2023 New
First Announcement. Symposium: The X-ray Universe 2023, 20-Jan-2023
Anticipated timeline for next XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: AO-23, 11-Jan-2023
Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D. and prizes for XMM-Newton results, 11-Jan-2023
XMM-Newton AO-22 OTAC Results, 24-Nov-2022
Conference Announcement: The X-ray Universe 2023, 24-Nov-2022
XMM-Newton Users' Group: Presentations and Minutes of meeting available, 24-Nov-2022
Joint JWST / XMM Proposals, 24-Nov-2022
XMM-Newton AO-22 closure, 10-Oct-2022