XMM-Newton Mission Status & Performance Indicator

Revolution 1614

Observing Time Implementation Status as of Revolution 1614

Open Time Program - AO7

Priority A and B
Number of allocated targets 342
Allocated cumulative exposure time (ks) 12204.8
Number of successfully observed targets 205  (59.9%)
Successfully observed cumulative exposure time (ks) 6418.3  (52.6%)
Priority C
Number of allocated targets 275
Allocated cumulative exposure time (ks) 7844.0
Number of successfully observed targets 002  (0.7%)
Successfully observed cumulative exposure time (ks) 46.0  (0.6%)

TOO Targets

Number of targets 202
Successfully observed cumulative exposure time (ks) 5983.5

Operational efficiency indicators as of revolution 1614

Instrument Efficiency Breakdown
over the past 6 months
Evolution of efficiency
since start of routine phase
PN PN Efficiency PN Evolution
MOS 1 MOS Efficiency MOS Evolution
RGS 1 RGS Efficiency RGS Evolution
OM OM Efficiency OM Evolution

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Data Processing and Distribution status as of 30-Sep-2008

Total number of Planned Observations in Routine Phase (revs 0103-1614) 7196
Total number of Performed Observations in Routine Phase 6855
Total number of Observation Data Files generated 6707
Total number of Pipeline/Data Products sets generated and distributed 6571

Turnaround (in days) between Data acquisition and final Data Products distribution (last Quarter)
Values in excess of 90 days usually indicate a problem analysing the data and/or that re-processing was required.
Data Delay

Details on the Observation Status can be found on the Observation & Data Processing pages.

Publications based on XMM-Newton data

Number of refereed papers based on XMM-Newton Data
Refereed papers
Extracted from ADS, selecting only those papers which make direct use of XMM-Newton archival data and excluding papers which make indirect use of XMM-Newton data from published results.
Quarterly Pubs