XMM-Newton-NEWS  #62,    17-Oct-2006

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XMM-Newton AO-6

The XMM-Newton sixth Announcement of Opportunity (AO-6) closed on the 6th of October 2006.

In total, 594 valid proposals were submitted requesting, in total, 100050 ksec of science time. The sixth Announcement of Opportunity covers a period of one year with 14500 ksec of observing time available for distribution. The over-subscription factor is 6.9

In total 41 proposals for "Large Programs" were submitted. Triggered observations are requested in 21 proposals. For the joint XMM-Newton Chandra program the SOC received 17 proposals and for the joint XMM-Newton ESO (VLT and VLTI) program 9 proposals are competing.

SOC received proposals from 425 different principal investigators from 29 countries, mostly ESA member states, the United States and Japan. The number of countries involved increases to 35 if co- investigators are taken into account as well. Considering principal investigators and co-investigators, about 1550 individual scientists were involved in the response to the sixth Announcement of Opportunity.

The X-ray Universe 2005 conference proceedings

The proceedings of last year's conference - "The X-ray Universe 2005" - already distributed in paper form in March 2006, are now available online at


From this page, individual papers as well as all papers presented under a certain scientific topic can be downloaded as single PDF files.

All conference papers have now also been ingested (and can be searched for) in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Abstract Service.

Access to 2XMMp and associated products through LEDAS

We draw the attention of users to the fact that the 2XMMp catalogue, together with a sample of the associated data products are available from LEDAS at the University of Leicester:

http://www.ledas.ac.uk/arnie5/arnie5.php?action=basic&catname=2xmmp for direct access to 2XMMp via LEDAS)

LEDAS offers complementary functionality to that provided by the XSA (cf Newsletters #59, #60). LEDAS "basic" search mode performs a simple cone search (search by sky coordinates), whilst "advanced" search mode allows searches with selection on any combination of 2XMMp source parameters. LEDAS also offers an overview page for each 2XMMp detection incorporating a summary of main source parameters, graphical summaries of the XMM-Newton images, spectra and time series and links to catalogue cross-correlation information provided by CDS. In addition the overview page contains links to the overview pages for other detections of the same 2XMMp source.

New dates for XMM-Newton Users Group meeting

The date of the next Users Group meeting is 7th - 8th June, 2007 at ESAC. This differs from the date agreed in the 2006 meeting as shown in the minutes.

Yours sincerely,
XMM-Newton SOC