While slewing from one target to another, the XMM-Newton pn-camera continues to observe the X-ray sky.The recently accumulated slew data are analyzed and the results are presented in tables.The source fluxes are compared against source fluxes measured during the ROSAT All Sky Survey (RASS) to detect variability.

Slew image
A slew image with two detected sources
as seen using ds9.

Description of the XMM-Newton Sources Table
The table represents sources which were detected in the slews through the analysis using Science Analysis Software (SAS). A comparison to RASS sources is provided. To test for variability the table provides a "Ratio" which compares the XMM-Newton count rate with the count rate obtained during the RASS observation.A Histogram of all ratios found in the slew catalogue defines the expected range of ratios.

Description of the Upper Limits Table.
The table provides upper limits at the positions of RASS sources which were not detected in the slew data. The upper limits are calculated using Bayesian statistics at the confidence level of 2-sigma [95%]).The comparison of the predicted rate to the upper limit allows to test for variability.
More information on data in columns is provided by pointing with the mouse on the column headers. The same applies for the NED, Simbad and Veron names in columns.

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