XMM-Newton Publications

XMM-Newton publications are searched for on the SAO/NASA's Astrophysics Data System Bibliographic Services (ADS). Every potential XMM-Newton paper is then manually inspected and either classified according to the criteria listed below or rejected if none of the criteria are met. For all selected papers the following applies:

List of categories

Nine categories are defined according to the criteria shown here below, where criteria requested for XMM-Newton Science Publications are highlighted in bold; the selected refereed paper

  1. makes use of data from XMM-Newton observations or uses pipeline products
  2. presents catalogues based on XMM-Newton observations
  3. predicts numerical results for XMM-Newton observations, e.g. performs simulations considering the detector response function
  4. describes XMM-Newton, its instruments, operations, software, calibration or scientific impact, including the papers resulting from the "XMM-Newton: The Next Decade" symposia
  5. makes use of primary catalogues (XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue, XMM-Newton Slew Survey Source Catalogue, XMM-Newton OM Serendipitous Ultra-violet Source Survey Catalogue, Catalog of Serendipitous Sources Detected with the XMM-Newton OM).
  6. makes use of published XMM-Newton results, especially if the results are highlighted in tables, figures or images
  7. refers to XMM-Newton in connections with a citation to a (refereed) publication
  8. refers to XMM-Newton in general
  9. uses or refers to expressions derived from XMM-Newton (XMMU, XMM/Subaru, XMMLSS, XMM-PRODEX) or mentions XMM-Newton only in the bibliography

Feedback can be provided to the XMM-Newton helpdesk.

XMM-Newton publications were analysed in Ness et al. (2014).